Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Maker Faire, San Mateo 2009

Hi Makers,

Make magazine's publisher Dale Dougherty has been quoted as saying "Makers don't need a
competition to create things. They only need a deadline."

I've signed up to demo the modkit development environment at Bay Area Maker Faire 2009..

I'll keep you posted..


*Update* Here is a video of what I demoed (shot by friend and Make blogger Chris Connors):


  1. Hey, we saw you at the Maker Faire. How is the project going?

  2. It's coming along! I added support for multiple boards while at the Sketching in Hardware conference in London.. We're starting to use our own motor/sensor board and the interface in the Learn 2 Teach program I run (that's the first stage of the alpha program)..

    If I took your email for the alpha you should receive something soon. Thanks for checking back!

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