Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sketching in Hardware 2009 - University College London

I was in London last week for the Sketching in Hardware 2009 conference..

This is my second year and this year's conference was even better than last.. I got some time to hack on modkit in between talks and while it rained and everyone else was at the pub (It's London you know)..

Before last week, the modkit interface only supported one board: the Arduino diecimila.. So I spent some time implementing support for additional boards including an XML board definition file defining what blocks get exposed as well as the necessary libraries etc.. I wrote a small library to control the modkit proto (motor) board and then built the block and board definitions. The following is the resulting interface:

Once I added configurable board support, I was able to demonstrate the ease of integrating a new arduino compatible board.. Shigeru Kobayashi's lent me one of the wireless FIO boards he designed on Saturday night.. I got it working in about 20 minutes Sunday morning before my talk.. His response was "wow!" and I agree.. Things are really coming together!


  1. Great work on the interface! Keep us posted (I am part of NYC Resistor group, and an Arduino hacker) and let us beta test your stuff if that would help. This will also be useful in teaching Arduino and robotics. Onward!

  2. Hi, I would like to know whether your software is coming soon. I like the concept. Thanks

  3. Is this project still alive? When the blog link from the main page doesn't even work, it's a little concerning....

  4. @dr

    Sorry.. The project is alive but the blog out of date.. We removed the link from the front page..


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