Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Calling all Hardware Makers!

We're ramping up our Kickstarter campaign and have started posting screenshots of the newest versions of the editor..  We're promoting a new Kickstarter reward to allow makers of Arduino compatible hardware to be some of the first to have their hardware featured and tightly integrated in the Modkit Editor.  Here you can see some screenshots of a Sparkfun Danger Shield although we're actually working on integrating a completely new board with them which should be coming very soon..

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Help Kickstart Modkit!

Edit (June 19, 2011): Our Kickstarter campaign is long over (it was a great success),  so we've started the Modkit Alpha Club to continue to offer rewards to Modkit's supporters.  If you'd like to support and get early access to all of the alpha features, consider joining the Alpha Club today.

I posted Modkit on Kickstarter.com to help raise some funds for continued development and to move the Modkit Crimp Cards from prototype to product..

I really like the idea of Kickstarter as as way to engage with people who want to support projects..  I think it will be a good way to gauge demand for projects in general and I am excited to see if we can get enough support for Modkit to reach our $5000 goal by the end of the month.. The fact that funding is all-or-nothing means that those interested in claiming thier rewards should be motivated to get the word out to others..  Let's see how engaged our audience can become..

Among other rewards, donors for the Modkit Kickstarter campaign can get Modkit invites, early access to new software, and limited edition Crimp Cards (We have something really cool planned)..

At Kickstarter, every dollar counts, so help us by pledging as little as $1 and by helping us spread the word!