Saturday, March 19, 2011

Feature Friday: Diecimila Support - New Widget Release - and More!

We've added our third Arduino Compatible board today - the Arduino Diecimila - for our third consecutive Feature Friday.

Along with the Diecimila support, we've updated the Modkit Desktop Widget.  This fixes some known bugs including uploading to a board when it was previously programmed in Arduino to send serial data as well as some general connection issues.  The Mac OSX version is available now and the Windows version should be available tomorrow.  (Edit: The Windows version is now available as well)  As Modkit is under heavy development, we've also updated the editor to alert you when a new Desktop Widget is recommended or required.  For example, you won't be able to program the Diecimila without the latest download and you'll see the following message to let you know.

And last, but not least, we released a version of the editor for use by students in the Fab Academy.  With access to a Fab Lab and about an hour or two plus a few parts, you can now make your own surface mount Arduino compatible board and program it with Modkit.  We can't wait to see what the Fab Academy students build.

Make sure to follow this blog or check back soon.  We'll try hard to have more features ready by next Friday!


  1. cool thanks for the hard work.

  2. Thanks for your note. We'll try to keep it up and should have some more features this Friday.


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