Monday, July 11, 2011

"Tweet and Win" - Modkit Alpha Club Twitter Contest

Tweet to Win Modkit MotoProto Boards and Alpha Club Memberships

We recently launched the Modkit Alpha Club to offer early access to our supporters as we develop and test new features.  We're happy to announce that the features available to Alpha Club members now include drag-and-drop hardware components (really cool!), variables, text-code-view, and cloud based project saving and loading.  If you haven't already done so, we encourage you to join or learn more about all the public and member-only features by visiting our Alpha Club page.

In order to get the word out about our Alpha Club and all the new features, we're running a little contest.  We know you all like to spread the word about cool things like Modkit's drag and drop Arduino programming environment and figured we'd make it that much sweeter with some cool prizes including a lifetime Alpha Club membership and Modkit/Sparkfun MotoProto Shields for robotics and prototyping applications.

Basically all you have to do is
1) Follow Modkit (@modkitlabs) on twitter.
2) Retweet our Alpha Club message: "#Arduino programming couldn't be easier than Modkit's drag and drop programming environment.  Sign up for early access:"
3) Optionally sign up for the Alpha Club or compose your own tweets mentioning @modkitlabs and a link to our blog, homepage, or Alpha Club page for more chances to win.

At the end of July, we'll pick the following winners:

A) "Alpha Club Retweet" prize - We'll pick one of our followers who retweeted our Alpha Club message to win a Modkit MotoProto Shield from Sparkfun as well as a 1 year Alpha Club Membership.

B) "Most Modkit Mention Retweets" prize - The originator of the most retweeted mention (must include @modkitlabs and a link to our blog, homepage or Alpha Club page) will also win a Modkit MotoProto Shield from Sparkfun as well as a 1 year Alpha Club Membership.  So be creative in your mentions of @modkitlabs to get the most retweets.

C) "Alpha Club Members only" Prize - As a reward for those of you who sign up for our Alpha Club (as well as existing members) we'll pick a random Alpha Club Member to receive a MotoProto Shield as well as an upgrade to a lifetime membership (if the winner is already a lifetime member, they can choose a 1 year membership for a friend).

That's it.  Good luck and thanks for helping us spread the word!