Thursday, October 20, 2011

Modkit in Make: Korea vol.2 and Maker Faire NYC Recap

Volume 2 of Make: Korea featuring Modkit!

We met Make: Korea editor Hee Jung while demoing Modkit at the World Maker Faire in New York last month.  She told us that Modkit would be featured in the second volume of Make: Korea's print magazine.  It seems that the format of each volume is to feature some new content as well as some translated articles from earlier volumes of Make. 

Yesterday, Hee Jung let us know that Make: Korea v.2 had been released.  It turns out, volume 2 features a full translation of our article from Make: Volume 25 where we introduce our graphical programming environment and show readers how to make their own Crimp Card from everyday materials and a few electronic components.  They even mentioned the article on the front cover!  Very cool: Modkit: 그래픽 인터페이스에서 프로그램하기

Speaking of Maker Faire and Crimp Cards, we have been busy working on the next wave of features and we didn't get a chance to mention our trip to Maker Faire in NY last month.  While at the Maker Faire, we set up in the Maker Shed and demoed the Modkit graphical programming environment along with Modkit Crimp Cards.  Crimp Cards are little circuits that teach the basics of input and output and that can be built without soldering.  We did a pre-sale of Modkit Crimp Cards and got even more feedback on the kits. 

Kofi Baafi (age 10) demos Modkit to other kids 

One of the highlights from the Maker Faire was when 10 year old Kofi Baafi took over the demo sessions, showing kids and adults just how easy programming can be with Modkit.  We look forward to bringing Kofi along to more events in the near future!
Kofi let's the kids do the programming while others check out the Crimp Cards

We had a great time at the Faire and even received another Editor's Choice Award for our engagement with the crowd.  As always, we met so many new people and ran into many old friends.  While the Maker movement has not yet reached everyone, the NY Maker Faire definitely has a bit more diversity than the Bay Area one and we can only work to increase that.  We hope to see you all there next year!


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