Sunday, December 25, 2011

Just in time for the Holidays!

We thought we'd unwrap something of our own this holiday!  Modkit Micro will be the first official release of our visual programming environment for microcontrollers and here's a sneak peek.

If you've been following the Modkit project, this screenshot tells a lot.  Did you think we decided to show the Seeeduino just because of it's festive red color?  Maybe a little, but the Seeduino represents Modkit's move to support more third party boards.  Oh, but that's a Seeeduino Mega?  Right..  Modkit will now have support for the Mega line of Arduino  compatibles.  You might also notice the new drag-and-drop hardware components.  We completely redesigned the hardware drag-and-drop to make it easier to add more components.  Oh and if you're really paying attention, you'll notice that we haven't just added things, we've taken something away: the serial port drop-down menu.  I wonder what that's about?

That's it for now.. More later..  Enjoy your holiday.


  1. You teaser you! It sounds great Ed. Happy to be active again under Alpha status. Plan on testing heavily now that I have the tools to work with. Thanks for all your hard work.

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