Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays Everyone - Modkit Micro: Our Gift to You!

In the spirit of sharing and just in time for the winter holiday, we wanted to give everyone a chance to try Modkit Micro so we opened up the Modkit Micro preview (previously Kickstarter and Alpha Club members only) to anyone with a google account. We also wrote up this quick post to walk you through getting started with Modkit Micro. Since we've been posting all of our updates on our Kickstarter page, we know we need to get more content on the blog, but in the meantime let's get you started with Modkit Micro!

1. Download and run  Modkit Link

Get the latest version of Modkit Link for Windows, MacOSX, or Linux (Ubuntu).  Once you download Modkit Link, you'll need to run the installer on Windows, drag the App to your Applications folder on Mac, or unzip and read the README instructions on Linux.  After that, you should be able to run Modkit Link and see the M-icon show up on the Windows task bar, OSX Menubar, or GNOME Notification Area on Linux.

(Note: this version of Modkit Link (RC4) has been heavily tested with Arduino Uno and a new release will be available with improved support for other board so check back soon.)

2. Install your board drivers and plug in your board

You'll need to install any required drivers for your board before using your hardware with Modkit Micro.  Assuming you are using an Arduino UNO, you'll only need a driver if you're on Windows.  You can grab the .inf file and follow these instructions.

3. Launch Modkit Micro and choose your board

Launch Modkit Micro by browsing to and logging in through google when prompted.  Once Modkit Micro loads, click "Get Started" and if you're using an UNO, your board should  be automatically detected.  Select your board and click "Continue."
(Note: If you're using a board other than the UNO, we'll post instructions along with the next update of Modkit Link.)

4. Configure your hardware

Once you've chosen your board, you'll be in "Hardware" view where you can add addtional hardware components.  First, let's configure the built-in LED by dragging out an LED block and selecting PIN13 from the dropdown list.  

5. Build a small program

Once we're configured the hardware in "Hardware" view we can move to "Blocks" view by clicking the icon at the top of the app.  We can then drag out a "forever" block and drop two "setLED" and "delay"blocks into it like the screenshot shows.  When dragging the blocks, you'll notice that the blocks will highlight to show you how they can be connected.  If you drag a block out by mistake, you can drop it back in the "drawer" where you first dragger them from.

6. Press "Play" to test your program

Once, we're done laying out our new program, we can press the "play" button to send it to our board.  If all goes well, you should see "Programming Ok" and the program will then be running on your hardware.  

7. Check out "Code View" and play around a bit

Once you've ensured you can program your board with Modkit Micro, it's a good time to play around with the editor a bit.  Make sure to check out "Source" view to see (or edit) the code generated by the blocks you built.  
That's it for now.  We'll be back soon with more updates.   Until then leave us a comment and let us know what you think!


  1. Ed,

    Congratulations. It worked like a charm for the example described here. I am using Mac OS X 10.6.8 and Arduino Uno R1.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Antonio Barros

  2. Thanks for the feedback Antonio. We're glad everything worked for you!

  3. Sorry for the cross post to KS, but do you have a place for us to list bugs we find? I found a minor bug in the coding (it is still in the latest web version).

  4. Hi Steve. Please send bug reports to bugs at modk dot it. Thanks!

  5. Pretty cool! My Scratch-savvy son was excited :-) Too bad the Arbotix board is not supported yet, or we could have tried it.

  6. Information sent. I think on KS it was stated that there would be tutorials at some point, but were lower priority. Are you still planning on doing tutorials?

  7. Im a mechanical guy so when I saw this project pop up on Kickstarter I jumped on it. Finally getting around to trying out your work and am having troubles getting things to talk. Using a Duemilanove and Windows 7 and I get a "set board failed" error. Are we not quite ready for this older board yet?


  8. Hi Brian. Those issues should be fixed with the newest version of Modkit Link. We'll post here when we make the newest downloads available.

  9. Hi Steve. The RGB LED bug should now be fixed. We started a getting started guide which was just a longer version of this post but we need to focus on a given set of components when doing actual tutorials so expect those to come along with retail kits including boards and components. If someone does a tutorial before we get to that we'll certainly link to it.

  10. Strong work guys, awesome. Will this be a version folks will be able to save programs/files with or will that be for alpha members? Fine if not just curious. Thanks

  11. Is there a way to get the Sparkfun Arduino Pro Mini 328 to work with this? Had great success thus far using the UNO.

  12. Hi,

    I am new.

    I am working on a mac with lion. After I upload once, I cant upload anymore. It keeps saying that it is uploading.

    Q1: Can I use a sparkfun LCD 2x 16 as LCD? Tried it but I cant upload to my arduino One(HTML5 version)

    Q2: Can I include libraries

    Q3: Is there a forum/tutorial

    Thanks Martijn

  13. Hi,

    I really need help getting this working. I've sent an email and even submitted via "feedback"; no response yet. I'm trying this blog now.

    I am having trouble getting the modkit working. I am using the Arduino Uno, and am using modkit 0.9 and the web based one together.

    I was able to get modkit working with the demo version, the one that does not allow you to save your work.

    If anyone can help me out, I'd really appreciate it, please.


    1. Update: I uninstalled the linker and downloaded another one via and then launched "Modkit Micro Early Online Access" also via
      -This did not work. As a matter of fact, both of these look like the demo/preview version, which does not allow you to save your project.

      I'm pretty sure I've tried everything.

      As a reminder, I'm basically just looking to get the functionality of the demo version with the ability to save and recall programs.

      Please help.


  14. Delay loops code does not work for me. Hit program and it never completes. I have tested on Decimilia and Mega. If I test without program loops works fine


    1. Looks like specifically it's isolated to the REPEAT function.

    2. man I have same problems too. Even a simple led example doesn2t work on me it only gives error but it doesn2t what error,even I made every step correctly !!! We gave 50 dolars for nothing ? and their support doesn't respond too !!!

  15. Hi ,
    I try to connect my nano like the old version it don't work. i download the link and he don't found modkit link?

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  18. Any plans to support Leonardo boards ?

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  20. Hello,
    Need any new idea on how to get the Modkit Micro to configure lilypad arduino. Have tried every suggestion on troubleshooting page (modkit) multiple times. No luck. I've tried multiple machines (HP) running win7. Have a project due date fast approaching, Please help!

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