Friday, January 18, 2013

Help Wanted!

Hi Everyone!   We know that many of you have been really excited about Modkit Micro and we often get asked how you can help.  So here we are...  We need your help!

We're looking for interns for our Cambridge, MA office (and sometimes the Boston Fab Lab).  On a daily basis, our projects brings us from web design/development in Javascript/HTML/CSS/Python to desktop and embedded systems programming in Python and C/C++ .  But beyond the technical work we also need help with answering emails, finding bugs and running workshops for kids and novices.  Does this sound interesting to you or someone you know?

Great!  But just as important as these technical and organizational skills, we're looking for individuals who are just as passionate and excited as we are about democratizing programing and engineering.  And don't forget, even when we're finding bugs, we're doing it by playing with electronics and robots! We can't imagine a more dynamic environment to work and play in, and would like your help in finding candidates who have one or more of these skills and are willing to learn more.  Please pass this along!

Location:  Boston Area
Time: 2-3 afternoons or mornings per week
Who: college students, recent grads, or anyone interested!
Compensation: based on experience
Get in touch: jobs [at] modk [dot] it

Modkit Team