Friday, February 1, 2013

New Release

We're excited to release a new version of Modkit Micro and Modkit Link for all platforms (Web, Linux, Mac, Windows).  This release is nicknamed RC5 (for Release Candidate 5.) 

For Alpha Club members you can get the download links at and the public preview of Modkit Micro is at

For the public preview, we're hosting Modkit Link downloads here until we update our homepage: Modkit Link for OSX 10.5+ | Modkit Link for Windows XP+ | Modkit Link for Linux

For the most part, you can follow the tutorial we posted back in December:  But we do want to highlight an important improvement to the board auto-detection.  In the previous tutorial we assumed you were using an Arduino Mega 2560 or Arduino Uno which should be autodetected right out of the box (assuming you preinstalled the drivers).  But what if you're using a different board?  In this example let's assume you're using a Lilypad sewable electronics kit and that you installed the FTDI driver from

The first time you connect the board, it won't auto-detect so you'll need to "choose board from list." 

You can then pick your particular board from the growing list of supported boards.

You could then skip into the editor just to play around, but we'll choose "Setup Board Now." 

You'll be asked to unplug the board (including the FTDI cable since we're using a Lilypad.)

You'll then plug your board back in.  This helps Modkit determine which board you're configuring. 

You'll need to wait a bit for your board to be detected and stored on your computer. 

You may need to repeat these steps but if all goes well, you can launch into the Modkit Micro editor. 

The next time you open the editor, Modkit should auto-detect your board.  For further instructions please see our previous post: and as always, please leave us any feedback in the comments below.  If nothing else, just leave us a quick note with the board you're testing and how it all worked.


  1. Where is the link for the new desktop version? I do not see it on the Alpha page or in the KS message that was sent. There is only a link to download the new Modkit Link version.

    The new Modkit Link seems to be working well for me and I am able to upload larger sketches to my Arduino now :).

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  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks. We'll resend the kickstarter message with the right links. The alpha page only shows it for recent alpha club members as we've been handling kickstarter through the messages you mentioned.

  3. Ed,
    Thanks for the quick response. Got the update and made a quick laser tripwire project using the desktop version. Worked flawlessly.

  4. Great. Thanks for keeping up with the progress.

  5. Hello!

    I just would like to know what you are planning on your future release. Maybe support for Serial?

  6. WOW! Really cool! I would really like to order this, or at least join the online version! Too bad your web site is broken and I can't... Sent an email response. Hello...Hello...anybody out your support email please.

  7. Does auto detect mode work with arduino ethernet (the board, not the shield)?

  8. Hi DMC - sorry we aren't set up to get alerts when someone posts a response here (and don't see where to set that up) but we did solve the issue with signing up. Thanks!

    Hi Riccardo - From the Arduino Ethernet page: "based on the ATmega328 ... The 6-pin serial programming header is compatible with FTDI USB cables and the Sparkfun and Adafruit FTDI-style basic USB-to-serial breakout boards." So it looks like this would make it compatible with the Duemilanove. If you pick that, it should remember the setting. Let us know wither way!

  9. How can we help to improve this amazing tool??..

  10. When is the modkit available for TI MSP430?

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  12. Guys, I put everything correctly on that simple example ;but when I click to " play " button it writes to me " error "... How can it be possible ? I have done everything as that tutorial :( Someone would help me plz ? thanks.

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