Friday, May 17, 2013

Modkit @ Maker Faire (featuring Modkit for VEX, TI Launchpad, and Wiring++)

It's Maker Faire time again! This is the first year since we started working on Modkit that we do not have a booth at the Bay Area Maker Faire. But that's not because Modkit won't have a presence at the event that runs all day tomorrow and Sunday at the San Mateo Fairgrounds in San Mateo California. We actually have our hands in three different booths:  VEX Robotics, Texas Instruments, and the Wiring Project! Here's what we're up to booth-by-booth:

  • At the VEX Robotics booth, we'll be demoing Modkit for VEX, our new programming environment for the amazing new VEX IQ robotics system.  Stop by the VEX Robotitcs booth to see how Modkit and VEX are changing the STEM education equation together!

  • Next, the Texas Instruments booth will feature Modkit and its new support for the Launchpad family of boards.   Support for the MSP430 Launchpad has been under testing for the last few months and we're finalizing some initial support for the Tiva-C launchpad (formally Stellaris.) Stop by the TI booth to try out Modkit support for your new favorite microcontroller platform! If you're itching to try this at home, we're planning to add these boards to our publicly available Modkit Micro preview this weekend. Stay tuned via our Google+ page for updates on when this goes public!

  • And last but certainly not least, we'll be at the Wiring Project booth  showing off Wiring++, a project we've been collaborating on for some time.  Wiring ++ brings important computing concepts including multi-threading and event-driven-programming to the world of Microcontrollers.  If you don't know the Wiring Project, it is the basis for everything Arduino and is celebrating its 10th birthday this summer.  Wiring++ is an important next step for what has proved to be an important project over the last 10 years.  Come meet Wiring's creator, Hernando Barragán and try out the amazing new Wiring++ APIs!


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  2. I paid $50 to be able to program my LaunchPad with ModKit. However there was no support for it.

    Now I saw Ankur Jain´s post and understood the people behind the software are not professionals when not answering on a post for a month.

  3. Hi Martin,

    Please use the address for any issues. For some reason this blog does not send notifications when someone comments and we're busy developing not necessary polling this blog for comments :)

    Anjur's message is a cross post to our google plus page where I asked him to contact me so we could get him the latest software even though he is not an Alpha Club member or Kickstarter supporter. While we have put off widespread release of the MSP430 builds while we focus on the upcoming (and exciting) Modkit for Vex release, we can certainly send them to you as an Alpha club member.


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